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17 Feb 2010

Reminding and other fixes

No issues for this version

Changes in 0.09

  • Added AskTask context allowing to configure if Orangutan should remind user about entering tasks.
  • Added support for project names like “Client - Project”.
  • ShowTime context added 8 hours to the total required time sometimes. Fixed this.
  • From now the WorkHours context asks an user to add tasks only once on weekend (earlier it did this every day).
  • Added handling of invalid time after 0:00 for “today” in AddTask context (it added future tasks - now returns an error).
  • Now ShowActivities can be used without the project name. In this case Orangutan is using the project of the current task (if present) or the main project. Thanks Olya Bandura!
  • Fixed UnfinishedTask to close the task if it lasts for more than 8 hours. Thanks Olya Bandura!
  • Now Project and Activity contexts get disabled if the task has been canceled (this led to blocking Task context - everything typed was treated as a project name and not as a task name). Thanks Olya Bandura!
  • Made other small and bigger fixes.

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