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Anonymous, 29 Jan 2013 14:39

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lib/wiking_application_helper_patch.rb (working copy)
124 124
            parse_wiking_conditions(text, project, obj, attr, only_path, options)
125 125
126 126

        WIKING_LINK_RE = %r{(!)?(\[\[(wikipedia|google|redmine|chiliproject)(?:\[([^\]])\])?>([^\]\n\|]+)(?:\|([^\]\n\|]+))?\]\])}
        WIKING_LINK_RE = %r{(!)?(\[\[(wikipedia|google|redmine|chiliproject)(?:\[([^\]]+)\])?>([^\]\n\|]+)(?:\|([^\]\n\|]+))?\]\])}
128 128

129 129
        def parse_wiki_links_with_wiking(text, project, obj, attr, only_path, options)
130 130

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