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Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 10 years ago

The Macros forum is intended for sharing custom Wiki macros. But to be useful a topic about a macro should include:

  1. The name
    It’s not always obvious, which name is the best for the macro. Sharing the name, you also standardize the macro.
  2. The description
    Your description will help to understand the idea of the macro better.
    In the description you may use Textile, which will be rendered as HTML, or the raw Textile code enclosed into notextile tag.
  3. The content
    Without the content a macro is useless.

So, use the following template (followed by the optional details) to describe your macro:

|_.Name       |@{{}}@|
|_.Content    |<notextile><pre><code class="html"></code></pre>|

Generally, one should be able to copy-paste data from the table to add the macro to his/her installation.

I also suggest using the following format for the subject of your topic, that describes the macro:

{{macro_name}}: short description

Check the following topic for a sample:

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