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Bug #ISSUE-14

Escaping #ISSUE-id Textile rule does not work

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 6 years ago.

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Escaping ISSUE-id’s special Textile syntax rule does not work, if multiple IDs are specified in one line. For example:

!#ISSUE-1, !#ISSUE-2 and !#ISSUE-3

Demo: #ISSUE-2 and #ISSUE-3

This happens because Redmine treats !#ISSUE-1, ! as an image. Therefore, parse_redmine_links_with_issue_id gets the following text:

Demo: <img src="#ISSUE-1," alt="" />#ISSUE-2 and !#ISSUE-3

The same applies to legacy IDs:

Demo: #2 and #3

So, it’s not a problem in the plugin, but in the Redmine core.

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