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Mentions of Minh Thien

15 Jun 2014

00:14 Advertising Advertising with no crashes
No, usage of the Advertising plugin did not lead to crashes! But crashes could be experienced on some actions, if the... Andriy Lesyuk

13 Jun 2014

22:15 Advertising Wiki: 0-2-1
h1. Changes in 0.2.1
* Fixed crash when uploaded image is bigger than allowed (#2255).
Thanks user:thiencdcn for ...

05 Jun 2014

11:55 Project Sections Project Sections 0.0.2 is now stable
The initial version of the Project Sections plugin has been downloaded 430 times. Some of its users even found and fi... Andriy Lesyuk

03 Jun 2014

09:16 Project Sections Wiki: 0-0-2
Changes included:
* Removed limits for project section identifier and name (#2253 and #2279).
Thanks user#1033 an...

31 May 2014

22:34 Project Sections Bug #2253 (Closed): Project Section id truncated when saved.
Thanks, user[f]#1033 and user[f]:thiencdcn! Andriy Lesyuk
20:03 Project Sections Enhancement #2272: Enable normal user select section when create new project
user[f]:thiencdcn, as I understood the problem is resolved?.. Reopen or just reply, if not. Andriy Lesyuk

08 Sep 2013

14:52 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #2201 (Incomplete): Add feature auto create struct directory for svn
user#804, do you know which svn option should be used to create such directory structure? Andriy Lesyuk


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