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Extend Fields 0.2.0b under Redmine 2.x

This release includes support for Redmine 1.4, 2.0 and 2.1. Bug fixes for issues listing PDF export and grouping are included.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 10 years ago

This the third my plugin I ported to Redmine 2.0 and the first plugin I ported to Redmine 2.1. Unfortunately, the delay between this release and WikiNG release (the previous port to Redmine 2.0) was still big as I got very busy, then had a vocation, then found difficulties in implementing extended fields under Rails 3 and then got to port for Redmine 2.1, which switches to jQuery...

Not much about it besides porting to Redmine 2.x.x and two major bug fixes:
  • Vitaly Klimov discovered that issues grouping by custom fields got broken after installing this plugin... Vitaly also made research of the issue, what helped me much! Thanks, Vitaly! The new version does grouping by custom fields just fine! See #2015.
  • V.E.O. discovered that you can’t export issues listing to PDF with any extended column enabled! But it’s not the case anymore with this new release. See #2023.

As Redmine 1.4.x introduced multiple repositories support I also did some modifications to reflect these changes... In particular, I added the “Repositories” extended column, which show the number of repositories in the project. Besides I added two other extended columns: “Forums”, which shows the number of forums in the project, and “Forum messages”, which shows the number of messages in all project forums.

This release also changes the custom field template file extension: Before it was .hrhtml. But, as Redmine 2.x.x does not support this extension any more, this release switches to .html.erb. Don’t forget to rename your custom field templates!

This version also comes with the Turkish translation, thanks to Ismail Sezen!

Why beta?
Many things, actually, changed in Redmine 2.x.x. Many things also changed in Rails 3... I’m just not sure if everything is fine – need more testing and you will be ones, who will help me with this.

Did you wonder how does one know, when new Redmine version is released?.. I get to know this, usually, by checking #redmine tag in Twitter... How can you know when new Extended Fields is released?.. You can: a) Follow me on Twitter, b) Subscribe to the news feed which is available under the News tab and... c) Oh, yes! You can subscribe to the Extended Fields project using the subscription form on the sidebar! There you can choose what types of notifications you want to receive (down to notifications about commits). This functionality is provided by my Subscription plugin, which has not been released yet.

P.S. What plugin is the next?.. And the next plugin is... Extended Profile!


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