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Update for the Facebook change

This version 0.1.1 is reaction on the Like button API change, which was recently made by Facebook and which caused Like buttons, generated by this plugin, to disappear.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 10 years ago

Download Like Button 0.1.1

Recently Facebook slightly altered the way the Like button should be generated. I do not know the details but Like buttons on my website disappeared at that time. And then I found, that it happenned due to (additional?) URL escaping, which was made redundant. This URL escaping was removed in 0.1.1.

P.S. Additionally I figured out, that localhost based links also stopped working for the Like button (just no button is rendered). It’s no way critical – just it has been a funny thing, that I will miss...

This is the case, which demonstrates, how important is it to subscribe to project news. As in this case this release does not just come with new features and/or support for new Redmine\ChiliProject but it comes with the fix to the previous versions of this plugin. This is the rare case, when even outdated versions under outdated Redmine installations stop working!

The fix actually was released soon after Facebook changed their Like button API and a note was added to the project overview page. And only now this released happenned. Till this time the only option to get Like buttons back was to update the plugin from the SVN repository. But my SCM Checkouts plugin (which will be released soon) shows, that not many checkouts/exports were done during this period. What in turn means, that people just did not know about the issue (I personally figured this out not immediately too).

Even this news won’t be immediately read by everyone, who uses the plugin... As most of people won’t know immeduately, that this news has been posted.

Therefore to know such things as soon as they become known to me please subscribe to the project using the Subscription block on the sidebar. I don’t use this subscription to send anything besides what you requested.


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