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This plugin for Redmine adds Facebook’s Like, Twitter’s Tweet and/or Google’s +1 buttons to the start page, project “Overview” page, Wiki pages, news, issues, versions and forum topics.

The look and feel of buttons and their location (main area or side bar) can be configured in the plugin settings (Administration → Plugins → Configure).

Issue tracking

open closed Total
Bug 0 4 4
Feature 1 7 8
Support 0 0 0
Patch 0 1 1
Translation 1 1 2

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Author: Andriy Lesyuk

Latest news

Like 1.0.0 - Twitter's Tweet and +1 of Google for #Redmine
The version number of the Like button plugin jumps to 1.0.0 for the reason: now the plugin supports the Twitter's Tweet and the Google's +1 buttons. Additionally, all social buttons are now also supported for forum topics.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 10 years ago

Update for the Facebook change
This version 0.1.1 is reaction on the Like button API change, which was recently made by Facebook and which caused Like buttons, generated by this plugin, to disappear.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 11 years ago

New Like 0.1.0, like new
The Like button plugin have not been updated for a long time (sorry for this) and, therefore, I guess, the plugin lost some of its consumers. So this version can feel like a new plugin.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 11 years ago

Like button refactored
The new version now supports Redmine 1.2.x and ChiliProject, includes pre-patched RHTML files, Spanish translation etc. The code has been refactored and improved.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 12 years ago

Like new version 0.0.3!
This version adds the "Like" button to the start page and issue pages. It also fixes many issues.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 13 years ago

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