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Extended Profile: Extended profile 0.0.2

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

This plugin contains many improvements... Among them are: a) the “Project of Interest” field can be made not required, b) saving made better - on error the user account is not saved as well and extended profile fields do not “forget” their values, c) user edition now works fine under Redmine 1.1.2 and so on.

Two language files were added: Czech (thanks Jaromir Dvoracek) and Korean (thanks Ki Won Kim).

Also this plugin contains improved OpenID code allowing to use Google accounts in Redmine.

See also: http://projects.andriylesyuk.com/projects/redmine-profile/wiki/0-0-2

Extended Profile: OpenID fix

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

New version which is to be released soon (and can be fetched from SVN right now) contains an interesting feature - it fixes Redmine OpenID support... While it was not related to the profile at all I needed to rewrite OpenID code to support profile there... While doing this I found that OpenID does not work... at least for Google! So why no fixing this (at least I needed to test the plugin)?

Some links on the Redmine OpenID issue:

You can ask: “Why not making the separate plugin?”... Well... I believe Redmine guys will fix it soon...

SCM Creator (+Github): SCM Creator 0.1.0

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

Here it goes - the SCM Creator 0.1.0 is released!

Perhaps the most interesting features of the new version are:
  • Git support
  • Windows support
  • Automatic creation of repositories on projects registration.

For full list check: Changes in 0.1.0.

This version (as it is) would not be released without contribution of: Bertrand Baudinet (initial Git patch), Varun Shoor (idea of automatic creation), Jean-Sebastien Bour (many patches and ideas) and Andrey Reeshkov (Windows testing)! Thank you, guys!

SCM Creator (+Github): Name change

Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 10 years ago

Right now I’m working on adding full Git support to the plugin (#1707). Besides the new version is going to support Windows (#1692) at least for Subversion (by the way, I need help in testing Windows support for both - SVN and Git).

So too much changes to preserve the current name and I decided to change it to “SCM Creator”. In future I plan to add support for other SCMs as well...

P.S. Besides the Git and Windows and name change the upcoming release will have some new interesting features, for example, automatic repository creation on project registration (many thanks to Varun Shoor for the idea)!

Like Button: Meta tags plugin (1 comment)

Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 10 years ago

Even if they fix #7983 many installations using older versions of Redmine won’t be able to take advantage of the Meta description and therefore of the Like button plugin (again, text “Redmine” does not look very informative on Facebook). So I decided to write a simple little plugin for this. Check Meta tags plugin for Redmine. This plugin uses the short project description as a value of Meta description tag for project “Overview” page, the shortened Wiki text - for Wiki pages and news summary - for news. In addition it adds meta_description and meta_keywords functions which can be used to set your own values.

Like Button: Meta description in Redmine

Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 10 years ago

Facebook uses META description as a description of a link you liked. It appeared that Redmine uses “Redmine” text for all META descriptions... Weird, is’n it?

Reported a bug for now: #7983... Thinking about writing a plugin and patching core layout files.


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