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Mastering Redmine is a comprehensive guide with tips, tricks and best practices, and an easy-to-learn structure.

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Redmine is known not only as one of the best project management applications but also by its easy and handy interface. Like WordPress Redmine supports themes, which are pure CSS customizations of the application’s basic style. Generally, Redmine has over 30 good-looking professional themes.

RedWord is not just another WordPress theme, but a “layer”, which makes Redmine themes compatible with WordPress. This means, that installing the RedWord theme you gain the possibility to easily switch between 30+ Redmine themes (RedWord itself comes with 8 most popular Redmine themes).

The initial idea of the RedWord theme was to make WordPress look identical to Redmine, this way preparing both system for integration, which can be accomplished using the WordMine plugin for WordPress and RedPress plugin for Redmine. However the theme can be used without these helper plugins as well.

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Author: Andriy Lesyuk

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