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  • Category Featured Post

    The Category Featured Post plugin for WordPress allows categories to have an associated (featured) post. Such post can be specified in the category form.

    The plugin provides the Category Featured Post widget, which can be found in Appearance → Widgets. This widget should be used to display the featured post on the sidebar of the category page. To save the space the plugin shows only the short excerpt and the “More” link, that points to the full post page....

  • Language Mix

    The Language Mix plugin for WordPress is an extension to the Polylang plugin of Chouby, that modifies the behavior of the default view (i.e., when no language is explicitly specified). Thus, the plugin determines languages, which look to be known by the user, using the browser configuration and shows the contents of all such languages. So, this plugin would be useful for sites, that don’t have all their contents translated into other supported languages....

  • WordMine

    The WordMine plugin for WordPress allows to integrate WordPress with Redmine. The plugin makes WordPress use Redmine session cookie for authentication (i.e., implements single sign-on with Redmine).

    It is recommended to use this plugin along with the RedPress plugin for Redmine and the RedWord theme for WordPress. The RedPress plugin is required (otherwise you won’t be able to authenticate) while the RedWord theme is not....

WordPress » Themes

  • RedWord

    Redmine is known not only as one of the best project management applications but also by its easy and handy interface. Like WordPress Redmine supports themes, which are pure CSS customizations of the application’s basic style. Generally, Redmine has over 30 good-looking professional themes....

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