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Contact form plugin

It’s always a good idea to have a contact form on your website to let users email site owners or project members. That’s what for the Contact Form plugin for Redmine and ChiliProject was written.


  • Has the global configuration in Administration -> Settings -> Contact form tab:
    • Allows to specify, if anonymous users should be able to access the contact form;
    • Allows to disable or enable the user contact form;
      • Allows to specify, if contact form should be enabled or disabled for users by default;
    • Allows to disable users’ emails visibility by default1;
    • Supports custom email header and footer;
  • Allows users to control visibility of their contact form;
  • Supports custom fields (Administration → Custom fields → Contact form tab);
  • Supports the global contact form:
    • The link to the global contact form is shown at the top right corner (near Sign out / Register);
    • Email is sent to an associated registered user or custom email address (specified in Administration → Settings → Contact form tab);
  • The user contact form is available through the “Contact” link in user profiles.


For a demo you can check the contact form on this web site:

  • For the global contact form send email to me by clicking here or by clicking the “Contact me” link in the top right corner.
  • To check the user contact form click here (it’s me) or click the “Contact” link in any user profile.


Available at Administration → Settings → Contact form:

Global configuration


To install the plugin:

  • For Redmine 2.x.x and above:
    • Copy contact_form directory to #{RAILS_ROOT}/plugins.
    • Run migration: rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production.
  • For older Redmine and ChiliProject:
    • Copy contact_form directory to #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins.
    • Run migration: rake db:migrate:plugins RAILS_ENV=production.
  • Restart Redmine/ChiliProject.

Upgrade from 0.0.1b

Don’t forget to run the migration script while upgrading from version 0.0.1b.

The built-in “Project” field was removed from the contact form! This was done as such field can be added using a custom field and the Extended Fields plugin instead.

So to add the “Project” field back do:

  1. Install the Extended Fields plugn (read its Wiki on how to do this);
    This is the plugin, which provides custom fields of the “Project” type.
  2. Go to Administration → Custom fields → Contact form tab;
  3. Add a custom field of the “Project” type with the name “Project”.

1 does the same as the Hide Emails by Default plugin

settings.png View - Global configuration (95 KB) Andriy Lesyuk, 05 Sep 2011 08:41

ChiliProject-Contact-me.png View - Contact me under ChiliProject 3.x (4.35 KB) Andriy Lesyuk, 14 Jul 2013 20:20

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