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Section specific custom fields and Redmine 3.x support

Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 6 years ago

Download Project Sections 0.1.0

It was a very long time, during which updates of this plugin were not released. Sorry, for that. Anyway, here is the much anticipated release! The new version of the Project Sections plugin, which is 0.1.0, supports Redmine 3.x (was tested on versions 3.3 and 3.4 and should also work under 2.5.xd).

This release was sponsored by itratos Ltd & Co. KG.

In particular, the version 0.1.0 supports the new layout of the project listing, which was introduced in Redmine 3.4.0. While (to be honest) I don’t like the way, in which now projects are split into columns, and find it weird (especially, because the project description often gets into the next column), the new version of the plugin now renders projects in columns too. So, this part of the functionality is now, at least, consistent (between Redmine and the plugin). The new style of the projects jump box (which is in the top right corner) is also supported (and extended) by the new version of the plugin.

But, the fixes, that were dictated by changes in Redmine 3.4, are not the only new things in Project Sections 0.1.0. Thus, this version also comes with a couple of new features:

The most noteworthy new feature is support of project section specific custom fields. This means, that it’s now possible to have project, version and issue custom fields, which will be available only for projects of the selected sections. I personally use this feature (on this website) to have custom fields specific to Redmine plugins (e.g., “Redmine page”, which is shown on the project overview page).

Another small feature is support of the Project section issue filter. With this filter you can make your calendar, Gantt and issue listing show data only for those projects, which belong to the selected section. Thanks to Charline for the idea.

Additionally, this release includes the Polish translation, which was provided by Jerzy Chlebda. Thanks, Jerzy!

Finally, the version 0.1.0 comes with one, I believe, “degradation” (not a big one though). This and previous versions of Project Sections use the awesome_nested_set gem, which earlier was shipped with Redmine. Now, after Redmine removed it, this gem has to be installed separately, what makes the installation procedure of the plugin slightly more troublesome (you can check this procedure here). Luckily, if you upgrade the plugin from an older version, you don’t need to care about this gem, as it should already be installed.

At last, I want to thank itratos Ltd & Co. KG for supporting this release.

Project Sections 0.0.2 is now stable

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

Download Project Sections 0.0.2

So, I was not wrong adding the “b” to the version number for 0.0.1b... As I expected the plugin was released with many bugs! However, I expected them to be related to some omissions in its complex functionality. And they appeared to be, generally, typos and stupid omissions in the code. Shame on me – I should be more careful when preparing my plugins for release.

But, thanks to Martin Corino, Minh Thien and Nicolas Brisac, who found these typos and omissions, they have been fixed in 0.0.2! Moreover, Martin, Minh and Nicolas investigated the found issues, fixed them and shared the patches! Thank you very much, guys!

This release also comes with the Hungarian translation. Thanks to Ferenc Sagi!

The only feature, that comes with Project Sections 0.0.2 is the support for theming, which is described here.

This version of the plugin was not tested on Redmine 2.4.x!
If you experience issues running the plugin under this Redmine version, please report them.


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