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Red-Andy theme for Redmine

Red-Andy is the Redmine theme, that is used on this site (the logo is not a part of the theme though). Colors, that are used in the theme, I often use on my desktop.

Red-Andy is also the first responsive theme for Redmine, what means, that the Redmine installation using this theme will be usable on mobile devices.


To install the theme:

  • Copy red-andy into the #{RAILS_ROOT}/public/themes directory.
  • Restart Redmine.
  • Select Red-andy for the Theme option in Administration → Settings → Display.


You can check the theme “live” just by using this site... Anyway if you do want to see screenshots check this page.

Screenshots taken on smartphones can be seen in this and this articles.

red-andy_overview.png View - Thumbnail for project description (7.72 KB) Andriy Lesyuk, 04 May 2011 20:33

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