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Red-Andy 1.00 becomes responsive and blogish

Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 10 years ago

Download Red-Andy Theme 1.00

There were two motives for this release to happen – the wish to make my website readable on mobile devices and the wish to launch a blog with the Red-Andy theme. Both wishes used to seem unrealizable, but finally both of them come implemented in Red-Andy 1.00!

The mobile view of the project

Red-Andy becomes responsive

I used to check some information on my website using my Samsung bada-powered smartphone. That is, I was trying to – as, in fact, I found it intolerable! That’s why I decided to try making Red-Andy responsive. It’s was not easy and involved some hacks, but finally I did it! Now I do can check my site from my smartphone.

To be honest, it’s not perfect. To be even more honest, it has many issues! But, at least, with Red-Andy 1.00 the vast majority of Redmine pages can now be comfortably read on your mobile devices.

Check this page for more screenshots of mobile screens.

Red-Andy becomes blogish

Long time I planned to launch a blog. And, finally, I did it recently! To have the look and feel of my blog consistent with the look and feel of my Redmine I developed the RedWord theme for WordPress, that acts as the compatibility layer between WordPress and Redmine themes. So for my WordPress I use the same Red-Andy theme!

But, as you might know, the design of a blog differs a bit from design of rest application types (including project management tools). Thus, usually it’s more reading-oriented. I noticed this quite well, when I started to use the (old) Red-Andy theme for the blog, so finally I decided to make Red-Andy more blogish...

Starting from Red-Andy 1.00 news and (partially) Wiki pages have more blog-like look and feel – i.e., they use the different font (Georgia), their headings are neater, and so on. At least, I personally find the new style more suitable for reading. This news, by the way, is a great example of the new design.

The same style is used for blog articles under RedWord/WordPress.

Red-Andy just becomes better

The last release of the Red-Andy theme (0.02) was done more than 2 years ago, so certainly a few updates were made to the theme since then. These updates include bug fixes (#1924, #2048, #2058, #2195 etc) and improvements:

  • The diff view (that shows changes made to the code, e.g., this page) can contain gaps – skipped parts of the code. In 1.00 such gaps get new style:
    Diff view for application.css
  • Style definitions for issue priorities are now more accurate, as they use right CSS classes, that were introduced in recent Redmine versions.
    The colored issue list

Red-Andy theme 0.02

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 12 years ago

Updated my Red-Andy theme! List of “visual” changes you can find here. They include:

  • In my opinion:

Quotes now look much better

  • Code now is highlighted
  • Wiki lists now have more space (between rows)
  • Wiki TOC now has indents
  • Styled associated revisions (changesets)
  • etc.

Should mention the following people who helped me in finding bugs and testing: Tim Lin and Ivan Cenov.


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