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Changes in 1.0.0b

  • Now user links produce mentions, which are listed in the user profile and notifications about which are sent to the user’s email (#1901)!
    Check my profile for a sample (new tab near “Activity”).
  • Added support for custom macros, which can be configured under Administration → Custom Wiki macros menu (#2251)!
  • Implemented a better syntax for footnotes (#1912)1.
  • Implemented smart quotes for Redmine (#1917).
  • Added beta marker, produced by {BETA} (#1979).
    You can see at in the top right corner.
  • Added success ((v)) and failure ((x)) smileys (#2051).
  • Now WikiNG makes Redmine use user logins in URLs to user profiles (when possible) (#2235).
    Thus, now URL to my profile is: http://projects.andriylesyuk.com/users/s-andy
  • Added support for short format specification for user links (#2226).
    Thus, user[f]#id renders first name, user[u]#id renders username, user[fl]#id and user[lf]#id render first name and last name.
  • Added support for Redmine 2.4.x (#2267).
  • Fixed issues with exporting markers and smileys to PDF (#2124).
  • Added Korean translation (#2281).
    Thanks Ki Won Kim!
  • Added support for translations of the WikiNG quick reference.
    Added Ukrainian and Russian translations.
  • Other smaller fixes.

1 just put a footnote into double parentheses inline

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