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Dave Carlton



03 Mar 2013

14:18 WikiNG Bug #2158: Help button no long works
I did some more regression testing, your Wiking plugin is working on 2.2. That is, I see the new Text formatting link...
13:15 Download Button Bug #2159 (Closed): Download plugin fails to load with Redmine 2.1
Placed the Download plugin into Redmine 2.1 and tried to start but fails with:...
13:13 WikiNG Bug #2158: Help button no long works
My bad, I was working on the master branch of redmine. After I downgraded to 2.1 the wiking plugin is now working. Yo...
11:49 WikiNG Bug #2158: Help button no long works
Oops, forgot to add pre to the log stuff, too bad I can't edit the initial entry.
I also notice that my help button...
11:48 WikiNG Bug #2158 (Closed): Help button no long works
After installing the latest Wiking plugin and restarting redmine the text formatting help button no longer works. It ...

11 Jan 2012

14:59 WikiNG Bug #1940 (Closed): WikiNG syntax help is missing
The help for the WikiNG syntax should be included in the "Text Formatting" link. Although there is an external link t...

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