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Not a beta release

This release includes bug fixes, some minor features and support for Redmine 1.4.x, Redmine 2.0.x and ChiliProject 3.x...
Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 10 years ago

So this is the second my plugin which is released with Redmine 2.x support (Changes made by user#294 in his fork on Github were very helpful! Thanks, user(Oleg)#294!)! In addition to support of new versions this plugin comes with bug fixes which make it more stable and not a beta anymore.

However there are also some features... For example, now along with the “Help” link for Wiki formatting you will find “More” link. Clicking on this link opens quick reference for WikiNG syntax. So now a user will be able to see what syntax options are available and by which plugin are they provided (there is an “advertisement” at the bottom of syntax reference). The latter, I believe, is very important as I don’t want users to get confused with Redmine Wiki syntax.

By the way, thanks to Dave Carlton for the idea to make such syntax reference!

The new version includes also some other minor features: Thus now WikiNG support dashes – and —, replaces single quote with apostrophe, and supports arrows: ←, ↔, →, ⇐, ⇔ and ⇒.

Hidden text

But the most interesting bug fix (which can be treated as a new feature though) is... ability to see the hidden content! You can say: Hey! What is the sense of hiding content if it can be seen? My answer would be: It’s not so simple!..

You see, right now any user can add a hidden content! This means that a user having write permission to Wiki content can write, e.g.:

This is the {{version < 2.0}}beautiful!{{version}}/{{version >= 2.0}}awful!{{version}} plugin! Do you agree?

And when checking content administrators will fail to see the hidden text! On release of 2.0 this content will becomes visible and meanings of all Yes-answers will change...

I thought a lot how to prevent this... The first idea was to add “Add hidden content” permission. But Redmine does not provide any way to verify Wiki content! Of course, it is still possible to verify it but there are too many objects/models where this should be done! Even if I did this the Wiki content verification in objects provided by third-part plugins would get broken. As a result WikiNG plugin can conflict with other Wiki-enabled plugins... So I came to the idea of showing this content to users which have permissions to see it... For this purpose I added “View hidden content” permission. Hiden content is shown for such users a little bit transparent:

ChiliProject notes

Unfortunately in addition to additions... this version contains subtractions... But they apply only to ChiliProject!

!{{version}} and !{{date}} have syntax of macros (while they are not macros, in fact). In ChiliProject inside {{ ... }} you specify variables... Tags, analogue of macros in ChiliProject, are specified using {% ... %} (thus {{hook}} macro have syntax {% hook(...) %} there). This is the first conflict...

On the othet hand ChiliProject already supports conditions with its Liquid markup language. E.g.:

{% if ... %}
Dynamic content
{% endif %}

So, if I had to design version and date condition for ChiliProject, I would conclude that it should be something like:

{% if project.version >= x.x.x %} ... {% endif %}
{% if date < '2012-04-21' %} ... {% endif %}

In other words it should be a completely different solution for ChiliProject! For this reason I decided to disable !{{version}} and !{{date}} macros for ChiliProject 3.x and above...

Unfortunately right now I cannot find time to provide a solution for ChiliProject... The problem is also that I’m not sure that ChiliProject does not have an alternative... Thus, it supports project variable but only name and identifier seem to be available? It’s possible to display date using something like 'now' | date format but can it be used in if?.. Overall I got the feeling that I need some advice... Please contact me if you can help!


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P.S. So the next is... Extended Fields!


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