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Terence Miller

  • Registered on: 01 Apr 2012
  • Last connection: 19 Sep 2013



19 Sep 2013

12:34 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #1793: Allow the creation of non-local repositories
Is this supported with new version?
12:32 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #2201: Add feature auto create struct directory for svn
We just execute a script to create repos from template
$SVN_REP/ is our base folder for all scn repos

20 Jun 2012

16:26 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #1793: Allow the creation of non-local repositories
any updates on this?

04 Jun 2012

16:13 Subscription Bug #2044 (Closed): Missing checkboxes in sidebar
I don't see any checkboxes for susription in the sidebar.
If i click subscrive button i ony see messahe "Not subscri...

07 May 2012

15:00 Subscription Bug #2030 (Won't Fix): Allow subscription per user
Allow the user to configure himself if he wants to be notified for this kind of events.

29 Apr 2012

20:31 Extended Fields Feature #2028 (Incomplete): make fields final option
Would be useful if fields can be configured to be written only once, then they are final.
20:30 Extended Fields Feature #2018: database query cutsom field type
The idea is that one custom field specify filter parameters for an sql query, where result of the query will fill som...

11 Apr 2012

21:06 Extended Fields Feature #2019: Custom field type web service
Its somehow related to the requirement to fill other issue fields based on the selection of a webservice connected fi...

06 Apr 2012

10:32 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #1793: Allow the creation of non-local repositories
Hi Andriy, you solutin is very good i think because ist gerneral an will work for all protocols straight forward.
09:59 Extended Profile Feature #2020: redmine_ldap_sync to support sync ldap fields
Se my feature request too https://github.com/thorin/redmine_ldap_sync/issues/34

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