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Olivier Houdas

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07 Apr 2015

09:31 Extended Fields Feature #2365: Adding Redmine 3.0 support
There is another issue with Rails 4: deprecated .find(:all, options) is now creating errors.
-> see extended_calenda...
08:17 Extended Fields Feature #2365: Adding Redmine 3.0 support
Note: adding
attr_accessible :user_id, :list
on line 7 after
serialize :columns, Array
fixes the issue (...

31 Mar 2015

08:28 Extended Fields Feature #2365: Adding Redmine 3.0 support
In particular, in the Redmine Admin section, Projects or Users fail with error 500, because of the following error:

16 Dec 2014

09:48 Extended Fields Bug #2349: Redmine Bulk edit doesn't work when extended_field plugin is installed
For info, We're using Redmine 2.6.0 and Extended fields 0.2.3, and bulk editing works for us.
It might be due to a s...

16 Sep 2014

12:25 Extended Fields Bug #2318: Issues as pdf
We have the same issue.
If I remove the Yes/No field from the list of columns to be shown, the PDF can be generated.

26 Aug 2014

10:14 Extended Fields Patch #2328 (Under Verification): Make the Project type custom fields sortable in issue lists
In Issue lists, it might be useful to sort on custom fields added by Extended fields.
As you may have noticed, custo...

06 Aug 2014

07:51 Extended Fields Feature #2007: Projects listing sorting
In the Project custom field combo, it would indeed be nicer to have projects sorted by alphabetical order.
In orde...

11 Jul 2014

13:34 Extended Fields Bug #2098: Failure in XLS Export (undefined method `find_custom_field_template' for #<XlsExportCo...
Thank you Massimo for the very useful tip!
I experienced the following 500 error when exporting a list of issues t...

26 Jun 2014

08:15 Extended Fields Bug #2242: Message "invalid statement: STR_TO_DATE" when using MS SQL
I'm afraid, TO_DATE() does NOT exist in MS SQL, so you must be using some other DB or have added that function to you...

13 Jun 2014

15:30 Extended Fields Bug #2314 (Closed): Internal error on custom field with no value
In our Redmine, there are some custom boolean fields which don't have a value.
In this case, we get an internal erro...

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