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Marc M

  • Registered on: 25 Jun 2014
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08 Feb 2019

12:15 Extended Fields Bug #2447 (New): Support Redmine 4.0 NoMethodError: undefined method `attr_protected'
After the upgrade to redmine 4.0, we can not execute "bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production"
12:12 Extended Fields Bug #2318: Issues as pdf
Seems fixed in the current version. with redmine 3.4

22 Jul 2016

14:00 WikiNG Bug #2403: Patch to support Redmine 3.2 / Rails 4
Hi, thanks for the patch, which is working fine so far.
Except the user page. I already had this problem with the pat...

19 Aug 2015

15:05 WikiNG Bug #2387: Err with Redmine 3.04 (Mention/User Profile Page and Custom WIKI Makro)
Still with Redmine 3.1...

20 Apr 2015

15:42 WikiNG Bug #2367: Compatibility to Redmine 3.0.1
The patch solves the issue, thank you!
btw: Ruby 1.9.3 is installed, explanation why the path is different : http:...

15 Apr 2015

09:18 WikiNG Bug #2367: Compatibility to Redmine 3.0.1
i will test the patches in the next few days.
And thanks for the hint, i will update ist asap ;)
09:16 Project Alias Bug #2378 (In Progress): Compatibility to Redmine 3.0.1
internal error with redmine 3.0.1 while try to access a project.

02 Apr 2015

15:07 WikiNG Bug #2367 (Closed): Compatibility to Redmine 3.0.1
Error when trying to migrate plugins in redmine 3.0.1:...

02 Jul 2014

07:43 Extended Fields Bug #2261: issues PDF view and descriptions
You can close #2318, it is the same issue opened by me.
Redmine 2.5.1.stable.13182
Extended fields 0.2.3

25 Jun 2014

13:18 Extended Fields Bug #2318 (In Progress): Issues as pdf
500 internal error page when I want to view/export an issue as pdf
It only appears when the extendes fields plugin i...

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