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14 Jun 2010

First fix for Redmine version


7 issues   (7 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 1.01

  • Orangutan did not write anything to charts tables. That’s why not all spent hours were shown on Redmine charts. Fixed this (closes #470). Thanks Andriy Lundyak!
  • Added Welcome context which gives a hint to a new registered user.
  • Now updating undo reference when timeout occurs and onTimeout handler is defined.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of elapsed time in Date class if the date was in future. Thanks Lyuba Kryl!
  • NightTask asked “Are you there?” even if a user just sent a message. This happened if another context was added to output queue before NightTask.
  • Added ShowIssue context allowing to check issue details (closes #157).
  • Added ShowConfig context allowing to check user’s configuration (closes #123).
  • Added possibility to clear the default and task’s issue (closes #188).
  • Now allowing to save tasks/time entries without issues (closes #188).
  • Fixed wrong sum calculation in ShowTime context.
  • Fixed response handling in ShowTasks and ShowTime contexts. These contexts complained about no permissions. Thanks Olya Malaniuk!
  • If issue is not specified in the request Orangutan now tries to “extract” issue ID from task description. Thanks Ivanka Vypasnyak!
  • Now supporting start time and issue ID at the beginning of the request in the Task context. Thanks Dana Vlasyuk and Ivanka Vypasnyak!
  • Added ShowIssues context allowing to get list of issues (closes #156).
  • Fixed AddTask context to prevent treating first part of the format HH-MM - HH-MM as DD-MM. Thanks Dana Vlasyuk!
  • Setting USER_UNCONFIGURED for new users. Without this flag Orangutan did not ask a new user for project, issue etc. Thanks Ivanka Vypasnyak!
  • Modified the internal scheduler to run only generic contexts.
  • Removed 1 minute interval between tasks which was required by OrangeHRM but is not needed for Redmine (closes #149).
  • Added nomatch handler to the Task context (tells users to describe what they are doing). Thanks Lyuba Kryl!
  • Answering on WorkHours question in a day or more led to crash. Fixed. Thanks Dana Vlasyuk!
  • Added new patterns. Thanks Yevgen Vershynin, Yaroslav Dmytriv and Andriy Lundyak!
  • Other small fixes.
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