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17 Nov 2010

Fixes for notifications and Redmine


10 issues   (10 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 1.04

  • Fixed invalid time spent calculation in WorkOver context. Thanks Kostyantyn Kornienko!
  • Now it is possible to select question by number for FAQ...
  • Fixed crash when calculating holidays in 2011. Thanks Vitaliy Yatsunskiy!
  • Now numerical answer on MainActivity context question is not treated as issue number. Thanks Vitaliy Yatsunskiy!
  • Added Number context. This context is now used to handle numbers. It is like YesNo context - other contexts attach themselves to it (closes #125).
  • Added CustomFieldAlias context allowing to choose values of which custom field will be used as aliases for issue IDs (closes #1003).
  • Now UnfinishedTask context should work even after Orangutan restart (closes #126).
  • Added EmailNotify context allowing to turn off Redmine email notifications (closes #1002).
  • Added Notify context which allows to turn off Orangutan notifications (closes #1000). Thanks Olya Kulynyn!
  • Redmine plugin was extended to remove user email from notifications list if it was configured by user, added :no_email_notify option (partially closes #1002).
  • Added support for start and end time fields in Redmine plugin. This plugin allows to view/edit these fields (closes #1001).
  • Added savable user custom fields which are named “options” (closes #957).
  • Other fixes.
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