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24 Feb 2011

Public release and support


11 issues   (11 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 1.05

  • Added Usage.txt describing how to use Orangutan.
  • Added DoneRatio context allowing to change the done ratio of an issue and suggesting the done ratio (closes #171).
  • When adding/removing watchers from Orangutan he notified the author instead of the watcher. Fixed. Thanks Andriy Lundyak!
  • Now allowing to change minimum time for a break (closes #245). Thanks Yaroslav Dmytriv!
  • Added Russian and Ukrainian translations (closes #1598).
  • Added support for Redmine 1.1.x (closes #1595).
  • Fixed typo in Monkey class (used “host” instead of “hostname”).
  • Wrote init.d script (closes #937).
  • Now Orangutan checks if a plugin’s table or a plugin’s column is available before writing to/reading from them (closes #535).
  • From now journals added with Orangutan will have “source” (a new column in “journals” table) equal to “Orangutan” and on issue page will be marked with text using Orangutan (closes #1328).
  • Added support for Google Talk.
  • Added support for TLS. Now it tries to use TLS by default.
  • Now supporting different (non-LDAP) Jabber usernames using new column “jabber” (closes #960).
  • Added new column “jabber” to Redmine “users” table. This column stores “Jabber ID” and is used as an alternative to “login” column.
  • Now allowing custom display name instead of just Jabber ID, added orangutan.display_name configuration option (closes #1233).
  • Added INSTALL file describing how to install Orangutan. Thanks David Bennett and Martin Minka!
  • Included patch from David Bennett fixing crash when trying to upload vCard. Thanks David Bennett!
  • Other fixes.
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