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Mention autocomplete and Redmine 3.x support

WikiNG 1.1.0 comes with user mention autocomplete, support of new syntax for user links, update for Redmine 3.x (tested on 3.3 and 3.4), new style for some markers, bug fixes and more.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 3 years ago

Download WikiNG 1.1.0

This was a very long time, during which you waited for this release to happen. Sorry for that. Finally, here is it: meet WikiNG 1.1.0, which was ported to Redmine 3.3 and 3.4 (and which should work with other 3.x versions and 2.5.xd). Certainly, this release also includes bug fixes (check the version page for the list of issues).

Among other things, Redmine 3.4 introduced support for user links, which was a feature, that WikiNG was adding to Redmine. So, this would be a good reason to remove it from my plugin, but its implementations appeared to be too different. Thus, WikiNG also supports custom display text and different formats of user names, what Redmine does not. And, what is more serious, unlike native Redmine implementation WikiNG lists mentions in user profiles and sends email notifications. Therefore, I had no other choice than to leave this feature in WikiNG and make it replace the native implementation. Additionally, I had to implement support for @username, as it’s now supported by native syntax (otherwise this would work without listing mentions in profile and without sending email notifications).

But, WikiNG 1.1.0 also comes with a new great feature, which is related to user mentions: Now, when you are typing a user link in a textarea, the plugin attempts to guess, who you are going to mentions, and suggests a list of appropriate users in a small box. In this way, users can now type a part of, e.g., last name of the user (even just one character) and then select it from the list. No need to remember the user’s numeric identifier or login any longer. Of course, as this feature was just released, it is considered to be beta, what means, that it may have bugs or unexpected behaviour. So, please report any issues, that you find, to make it better. Also, note, that mention autocomplete won’t work for textareas, which do not have the Wiki toolbar (i.e., buttons for formatting).

How autocompletion works

To implement user mention autocomplete I used the great textcomplete plugin for jQuery of Yuku Takahashi.

Also, user mentions got one more small feature: One day, I was about to write a user link displaying the last name of a user and found, that it’s not possible to tell WikiNG to use only the last name in a user mention (except explicitly specifying it as a custom text). So, this is also fixed – now you can write mentions using the syntax user[l]..., where l stands for “last name”.

Besides, in this release I decided to finally replace images of TODO, UPDATE and FIXME markers. I did not like them for a long time. The new images are not perfect (and are very simple), but, I believe, are much better, than the previous ones. I hope you’ll like them (and am still open for any suggestions, as noted on the sidebar).

As it was already mentioned, it was a big delay before this release happened. In particular, this meant, that users of this plugin were not able to upgrade to Redmine 3.x. And, it would be a big problem, if some of its users did not create forks, that contained fixes for recent Redmine versions. That’s what I love open source for – good applications never die, someone surely takes them over (or provides an alternative). Probably, this also means, that WikiNG is a good plugin.

I believe, that the best supported and maintained fork of WikiNG was created by Martin Denizet. As far as I know, that’s the fork, that the majority of WikiNG users switched to (while the original plugin was not updated). So, I want to thank Martin for keeping WikiNG alive! Now, in the case I fail to keep this plugin up-to-date, you know, where to look for its updated version. Besides, I decided to keep a track of known forks – for this I created the dedicated Wiki page Forks (I also added the link to this page on the Wiki sidebar).

Forks of WikiNG also became source of some translations, that are now included into the plugin (its original version). Thus, the Turkish translation was updated for Martin’s fork by Adnan Topçu. Thanks, Adnan! And, I found the Czech translation in the fork by KIV. Looks like it was made by Jan Strnádek. So, thanks, Jan! I hope you don’t mind, Adnan and Jan, that I included your translations into the original package?

One more thing regarding translations: this release also includes an update of the Bulgarian translation, which was submitted directly to the plugin’s issue tracker by Ivan Cenov. Thanks, Ivan! And, sorry for not including it so long.

Finally, for convenience of anyone, who will want to create another fork of my plugin in future, I created a mirror of its code on GitHub. This would also help me track forks, which otherwise (e.g., before this) I need to search manually.

autocompletion.gif View - How autocompletion works (863 KB) Andriy Lesyuk, 03 Jan 2018 18:37


Added by André Lozovey over 2 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

Added by Ivan Cenov 8 months ago

Hello, are there plans for a version compatible with Redmine 4.1+?

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