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The Contact Form plugin for Redmine and ChiliProject adds contact forms allowing to send emails to site owners (top menu item) and/or site members (new link in user profile). The contact form can be configured to meet your needs and supports custom fields.

In addition the plugin supports changing the default value for the “Hide my email address” option in the user profile.

The “Project” field has been removed from the contact form! This field can be added back as a custom field of the “Project” type, which is provided by the Extended Fields plugin.

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Author: Andriy Lesyuk

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0.1.0 without "b" and not only...
Many things you faced in 0.0.1b do not apply to 0.1.0. In particular, the contact form does not have the "Project" field any more...
Added by Andriy Lesyuk 9 months ago

Will drop the "Project" field
An announcement of "Project" field removal (actually replacement).
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 2 years ago

Contact Form 0.0.1
Whenever you are a site owner or a project member the Contact Form plugin will provide a form for writing an email message to you. Support of custom fields will also let you collect some basic information about the request.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 2 years ago

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