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Kiran Patil

  • Registered on: 11 Nov 2011
  • Last connection: 17 Dec 2011



17 Dec 2011

02:46 Red-Andy Feature #1915 (Incomplete): TOC items box should move as we click on the item
TOC is now static at the beginning of the page.
If the wiki is long with lots of items, if we click on the item whic...
02:33 Red-Andy Bug #1898: All Tabs disapper after clicking on "Videos" tab
Please close this bug since it is related to "chili_videos" Plugin.

26 Nov 2011

06:59 Red-Andy Bug #1898: All Tabs disapper after clicking on "Videos" tab
I am getting below output in logfile after clicking on Videos tab:
ubuntu@gtt-ubuntu:~/chiliproject$ tail -f log/p...
06:47 Red-Andy Bug #1898 (Won't Fix): All Tabs disapper after clicking on "Videos" tab
Steps to reproduce:
1) Install latest stable ChiliProject 2.4.0
2) Install plugin from https:/...

11 Nov 2011

14:48 Red-Andy Bug #1890 (Won't Fix): Tabs management issue
Once tabs cross the monitor lenth they move up as shown in the attached screenshot.

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