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01 Jul 2012

Not a beta release and belated update


7 issues   (7 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.0.2

  • Added support for Redmine 2.0.x;
  • Added support for Redmine 1.4.x;
  • Added partial support for ChiliProject 3.x;
  • Fixed internal (e.g. #<id>) and external (e.g. [[redmine>#<id>]]) issue links conflict (closes #1945);
  • Added WikiNG syntax reference to the formatting help (closes #1940);
  • Added :view_hidden_content permission which allows seeing hidden text;
  • Added support for arrows (⇐, ⇔, ⇒, ←, ↔ and →) (closes #1923);
  • Replacing hyphens with dashes (– and —) (closes #1916);
  • Replacing single quote with apostrophe (e.g. O’Reilly) (closes #1918).
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