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Mentions of Andriy Lesyuk

04 Oct 2016

09:23 Extended Fields Bug #2359: Extended fields plugin breaks PDF export
user#1 wrote:
> Are you saying, that you are still getting @undefined method `find_custom_field_template'@? Or now t...
Jacek Pasternak
08:42 Extended Fields Bug #2359: Extended fields plugin breaks PDF export
user#1 wrote:
> user#3288 wrote:
> Working on this right now. It's quite possible, that the latest version in the r...
Jacek Pasternak
06:47 Extended Fields Bug #2359: Extended fields plugin breaks PDF export
user#1 wrote:
> user[f]#1803, oh. Right. user[f]#3288, so what about the Polish locale?
I'm using this translations...
Jacek Pasternak

06 Aug 2014

21:11 Extended Fields Bug #2314: Internal error on custom field with no value
user#1 wrote:
> user[f]:gc_olivierho, I think, you've made a good research of the issue! Thanks! :)
Thanks, it's ...
Dariusz Kowalski

26 May 2014

23:08 RedWord Wiki: Included-Redmine-themes
h1. Redmine themes
RedWord is a "compatibility layer", that allows using [[redmine>Theme_List|Redmine ...

24 May 2014

08:33 WikiNG Breaking features in WikiNG 1.0.0b
Let's be honest - WikiNG (were NG stands for Next Generation) was never too breaking - it was just a good name for th... Andriy Lesyuk

23 May 2014

10:20 Sidebar Content Support: RE: Is redmine 2.5.x supported?
user#1 wrote:
> user#926, I'm not sure, yet. Going to check this soon.
Thanks a lot.
GianMaria Romanato

19 May 2014

00:10 WikiNG Wiki: 1-0-0b
h1. Changes in 1.0.0b
* Now user links produce *mentions*, which are listed in the user profile and not...

17 Apr 2014

12:47 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
@ user:s-andy
I checked out production log and everything looks normal:...
Miodrag Milic
12:42 WikiNG Macros: RE: {{blink(css_color1, css_color2}} - blinking text
BTW, user:s-andy is there any way to force Textile evaluation within macro body ? Miodrag Milic

23 Feb 2014

17:44 Hooks Manager Support #2283: Plugin incomparability problem: Uncaught ReferenceError: get is not defined
OK... the problem seems to be the lines that read: 'defined?(remote_function)'
The conflicting plugin must include a...
Christopher Caruk

14 Sep 2013

20:30 WikiNG Wiki: Wiki
h1. WikiNG plugin for Redmine
The WikiNG plugin for "Redmine":http://www.redmine.org is aimed to extend [[redmine>...
19:48 WikiNG Wiki: Syntax
h1. WikiNG Syntax Extensions
tip. You can play with the syntax using the [[playground]].
h2. Links
19:40 WikiNG Wiki: Playground
h1. Playground
warning. This page is for playing with WikiNG syntax. You can change anything you want! Also note t...

07 Sep 2013

01:12 Extended Fields Support: RE: extended fields plugin is avaiable on RAILS_ENV=development ?
Hi, user#1009!
Try moving @extended_fields_helper.rb@ from @app/helpers@ to @lib@:...
Andriy Lesyuk

31 Aug 2013

01:27 Mastering Redmine Project: Mastering Redmine
!/attachments/download/411/9144OS-Small.jpg! "Redmine":http://www.redmine.org is well-known as one of the best open s...

19 Aug 2013

09:17 Extended Profile Wiki: Wiki
h1. Extended Profile plugin for Redmine
Default "Redmine":http://www.redmine.org profile contains nothing but user...

17 Dec 2012

12:40 WikiNG Bug #2134 (Won't Fix): file# or file:<name> doesn't work
Either I am doing something wrong, or this is indeed a bug.
On the screenshot you can see file & user#1 bellow it....
Miodrag Milic

22 Jan 2012

23:04 Projects Feature #1948 (Open): Testimonials / Used by
It is always interesting to know who is using your project and what do they think about it...
Here is the idea of ...
Andriy Lesyuk


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