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Redmine 2.2 and 2.3, hook rename and experimental marker

Fixes of the Wiki toolbar for recent Redmine versions, new toolbar button for WikiNG help, new experimental marker, bug fixes and rename of the WikiNG hook.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

Download WikiNG 0.0.4

The main reason for this release to come is the need to support recent Redmine versions – 2.2.x and 2.3.x. So this release includes some fixes for these versions.

Also in Redmine versions 2.2.x and 2.3.x the help link, which previously was to the right of the Wiki toolbar, was moved to a new toolbar button. Honestly, I don’t like this new approach, but I must follow the UI style and, therefore, since 0.0.4 the help window for WikiNG becomes available under the new toolbar icon too:

Some things, that I do, are quite “experimental”, i.e., the main goal of such work is to see: how it works, can it be done this way, and how will people like it... For example, the Orangutan (which have not been updated for a “while”) is one of such projects. Another one I started recently and this was the ISSUE-id plugin... This project pushed me to implement the {EXPERIMENTAL} marker in the version 0.0.4.

In addition to support of new Redmine versions and new marker the version 0.0.4 also includes fixes for some old bugs...

Thus, Xavier Calland pointed me to a serious omission in the WikiNG glyphs engine – dashes and single quotes were replaced by typography symbols in URLs as well (see #2152). And, as the dash is an allowed symbol for URL, some links on Wiki pages used to get broken... Therefore, now WikiNG requires spaces to be specified before and after the dash. The apostrophe, though, will continue to be replaced as it is a reserved character for URL (i.e., if you really need an apostrohe in URL, use %27, its hex code, instead).

Unfortunately, I can’t say, that this is a complete fix of the issue (thus, sometimes apostrophes should be allowed in URLs), so future WikiNG versions may contain some refactorings related to glyphs...

Another bug (#2142) was found by user#709, who also had investigated it and suggested a fix. Due to this bug it was not possible to specify a language for Wikipedia links. Now it’s possible! Thanks user(Daniel)#709!

The {{hook}} macro has been renamed to {{wiking_hook}}! Be sure to update your Wiki content accordingly!

If you are using the {{hook}} macro, which has been provided by WikiNG, you should know, that it has been renamed into the {{wiking_hook}} in 0.0.4! In other words, the {{hook}} macro will no longer work! I’m very sorry for this!

But why did I do this?.. Choosing the name “hook” is too insolent, as, in fact, this is the first name, which comes to one’s mind, when selecting a name for a macro, which deals with hooks! Thus, I personally was about to choose the same name for the macro provided by my other plugin Hooks Manager. So now I believe, that such name should never be used for any third-party macro (i.e., it can be used only for a macro provided by the core Redmine)! And it’s better to change the name as early as possible... Therefore, this change comes with 0.0.4.


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