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Changes in 0.4.0

  • Added support for multiple repositories and Redmine 1.4.x (thanks Takashi Okamoto!) (closes #1973, #2025 and #2038)
  • Added support for Rails 3 and Redmine 2.0.x (thanks Takashi Okamoto!)
  • Made fixes for Windows (thanks Sascha Voth!) (closes #2017)
  • Now repository is not created if Repository module is not enabled (thanks Blaž Podržaj!) (fixes #1895)
  • Now asking for confirmation if a user deletes a repository created by SCM Creator (thanks James Ang!) (fixes #1877)
  • Now SCM Creator shows warning if scm.yml is not available (fixes #1935)
  • Added allow_add_local and allow_pickup options disabled by default to avoid information disclosure
  • Added only_creator option allowing to disable adding existing repositories (not created with SCM Creator)
  • Added max_repos option for controlling amount of created repositories in Redmine 1.4.x and above
  • Added force_repository option allowing to enable Repository module on project creation
  • Added German translation (thanks Jonas Götze!) (closes #2001)
  • Added Japanese translation (thanks Takashi Okamoto!) (closes #1894)
  • Added Basque translation (thanks Ales Zabala Alava!) (closes #2022)
  • Refactored code to fix conflicts with other plugins (thanks Robert Ying!) (see #2043)
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