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Redmine 2.1.x, file links and CSS classes

Version 0.0.3 of the WikiNG plugin comes with Redmine 2.1.x support, support for links to the Files section, with CSS classes, which can be used in Wiki, with Bulgarian and Turkish translations and with bug fixes.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

Download WikiNG 0.0.3

Did you know, that Redmine supported specifying CSS class names for many Wiki elements all along?.. This feature is not widely used because (I guess) it requires such CSS classes to be added into CSS stylesheets. So this feature can be used either individually only (per Redmine installation) or such CSS classes should come with a Redmine theme or a plugin. Thus, I thought: Why WikiNG can’t come with some pre-defined CSS classes especially designed to be used in a Wiki content?

Therefore, WikiNG now comes with the following CSS classes (all should be specified along with the wiking class):

Class name Used with Example Demo
shadow !...! !>(wiking shadow).new-text.png!
mac-shadow !...! !>(wiking mac-shadow).new.png! See to the right of this table →
pressed <pre>...</pre> <pre class="wiking pressed">Your code here</pre>
Your code here
button "...":http://... "(wiking button)Download!":/projects/wiking/files Download!
small %...%, p. ... %(wiking small)Slightly smaller text% Slightly smaller text

Of course, this feature is new and should be considered to be experimental. The next version of the plugin will, probably, come with more new interesting classes. You can also suggest, what CSS classes to add, using the “CSS Class” issue category (can be found on the new issue form).

For any application it is very important to have active users... Such users help a lot by testing the application, by using it and, therefore, finding issues and by suggesting new features. Luckily, WikiNG has such users!

Thus, version 0.0.3 also comes with a new feature, which was suggested by WikiNG’s active user Ismail SEZEN. This feature is support for file links, i.e., links to files under the Files tab. The syntax for such links is: file#<id> or file:"<filename.ext>". To link to files in another project, you can just prepend the syntax rule with the project identifier, e.g., project-identifier:file#<id>.

So, now you will be able to include the download link in, e.g., your news. Thus, use the following link to download WikiNG 0.0.3: wiking-0.0.3.tar.bz2.

Besides suggesting the just mentioned feature Ismail also noticed the start page bug (see #2074) and translated the plugin into Turkish. The translation and the fix for the bug are also included in this release. Thanks, Ismail!

In addition, this release comes with the Bulgarian translation (thanks to Ivan Cenov) and with the fix for HTML entities issue (#2090), which was discovered by Xavier Calland (thanks user(Xavier)#498).

And the last but not the least: Version 0.0.3 of the WikiNG plugin supports Redmine 2.1.x (i.e., Rails 3.2.x and jQuery).

A short note in the previous news regarding support of conditional macros under ChiliProject ended up with immediate reaction of Holger Just (one of Chili’s core developers), who contacted me to assist resolving the issue. As a result the alternatives for the {{date}} conditional macro, the today variable (see #1055), was included into version 3.3.0 of ChiliProject. The alternative for the {{version}} macro is planned (see here). While they are not in my plugin I still want to thank Holger for taking care of them! It’s greate pleasure to be able to inspire core developers. Thank you, Holger! By the way, I don’t mind if some functionality of the plugin will be included into the Redmine core...

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