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Andriy Lesyuk




07 Feb 2020

21:56 WikiNG Revision 108: Fixes for user mentions

04 Feb 2020

20:56 WikiNG Revision 107: Nickname custom field, German locale, other fixes

27 Dec 2019

12:06 WikiNG Revision 106: Improved email notifications, support for People plugin

15 Oct 2019

16:39 WikiNG Revision 105: Support upper case in @mention and dot at the end
16:12 WikiNG Revision 104: Revert test
13:21 WikiNG Revision 103: Test
13:19 WikiNG Revision 102: Consider issue visibility

11 Oct 2018

16:38 Red-Andy Revision 42: Menu alignment and padding

22 Sep 2018

19:41 CD-Index Revision 17: Support BD3D

20 Jul 2018

11:30 ISSUE-id Bug #ISSUE-17 (Under Verification): SVN integration: Commit with new issue-id does not work
user[f]:dwieselwind, r39 can fix this issue. Please test _(you'll need to update code from SVN/Git)_.

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